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School Expectations:

  • We behave in a courteous and respectful manner, having unconditional positive regard for everyone.
  • We respect others’ personal space and privacy.
  • We follow instructions the first time they are given without answering back.
  • We understand that name calling, swearing, teasing and bullying are unacceptable behaviour.
  • We are patient and learn to control our reactions (and do not shout, hit or kick)
  • We remind each other of the code
  • We move calmly and quietly around school.
  • We look after things – those belonging to us, those belonging to others and the environment
  • We keep the school clean and tidy so that it is a welcoming and safe place.
  • We make the most of school by: coming in on time, with a positive attitude, working hard, being responsible for our learning, letting others learn and always being our best
  • We look after those in our community – the school, the village, the world
  • We show ourselves in the best light wherever we are

Classroom Expectations:

  • Listen without interrupting
  • Follow instructions first time
  • Try your best and let others do the same
  • Encourage others to do well
  • Use quiet, calm voices
  • Move around calmly and safely
  • Request help by putting your hand up or asking politely
  • Keep the classroom tidy by returning equipment to where it belongs

Expectations around School

  • Enjoying the school grounds, whilst being mindful of safety
  • Walking not running inside the building
  • Keeping to the left in corridors
  • Using litter bins
  • Keeping our buildings safe and tidy
  • Looking after the building and grounds by tidying away after playtimes and after school clubs
  • Respecting displays

Expectations of Behaviour towards Others

  • Greeting everyone cheerfully
  • Being friendly and showing good manners
  • Respecting other people’s feelings
  • Respecting other people’s beliefs
  • Understanding that people may be having a bad day and showing compassion
  • Respecting other people’s property and the school environment

Contact Info

Caton Community Primary School

Phone: 01524 770104

Web: catoncommunityprimary.org.uk

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