Community lunch

What a lovely atmosphere at our community lunch today!  Thank you to everyone who attended.  We enjoyed your company and our children enjoyed serving you.

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A Midwife Crisis

Huge congratulations to our Reception and Key Stage 1 children who performed absolutely brilliantly in their nativity, A Midwife Crisis, today!

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Charity Elf Run

Our Elf Run with St Paul's was a great success, raising money for St John's Hospice. Every child,  from the youngest 4 year old, ran for 15 minutes without stopping.  It's amazing what magic an elf hat and Christmas jumper can make!

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Carol singing

Our families had a lovely (but cold!) time carol singing in the village this evening, entertaining the shoppers.  Thank you so much to the Co-op for the delicious cakes and gingerbread men.

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Parents’ workshops

Our Autumn term EYFS, Maths and English parents' workshops have been really well received.  Thanks to all who came. "Well presented, useful and informative." "A good idea for parents to be able to attend in the evening, learning hints and tips to benefit our children." "Great idea!  A fab addition to our school/home relationship." "Really think it has been useful learning what's going on in school and the info provided has given me more clarity where I can help." "It is a fantastic opportunity for us parents to learn what the children are expected to learn and how.  Thank you!" "Very [...]

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Remarkable recounts

Years 4, 5 and 6 have produced some wonderful writing following their trip to London and have taken great pride in their presentation.  As you can see, we have many budding artists.

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Extreme Reading Challenge

We had some very creative entries into our Extreme Reading Challenge.  Well done to everyone who entered!  We have enjoyed looking at your photographs as much as you enjoyed having them taken!  

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School Council

The children attended a brilliant School Council meeting today at Hornby Institute. The event was attended by various local schools and taught the children how to hold a meeting by preparing an Agenda, recording Minutes after electing a Chair and Secretary. They performed role play exercises along with local children.

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The Lancashire Music Service visit to teach us singing skills. Come and hear us on Friday!

Yesterday we were joined by Emma Williams from Lancashire Music Service who came to teach us some new songs for our assemblies. We did lots of crazy warm up activities with our mouths and made lots of weird sounds. We hope to be able to sing them to you in our assembly on Friday morning. Katrina Harkin Class 1 teacher

The Lancashire Music Service visit to teach us singing skills. Come and hear us on Friday!2018-06-21T12:02:46+01:00

Sports Day

What an amazing adventure we had on Wednesday as we boarded a coach off to sunny Morecambe to take part in a joint Caton/Grosvenor Park Sports day. We all had an amazing time competing in the various races and we proudly came away with a handsome pile of certificates and ended the morning with an ice-lolly!   Kevin Kendall Acting Headteacher

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What Makes Britain Great? New school-wide topic is launched.

The children split into small groups looking at the Monarchy, British food and money. British food: The children discussed what they thought people would say is typical British food and made a list. This included yorkshire pudding, pork pies, beans, scones, apple pies, fish and chips, grapes and sausages. They then had the opportunity to try a British scone with jam and cream. Money: The children looked at the coins and notes we use today and made rubbings of them using wax crayons. The older children looked at older coins before Decimal Day in 1971 and made coin rubbings of these [...]

What Makes Britain Great? New school-wide topic is launched.2018-06-07T09:47:18+01:00

The ‘Big Walk’ comes to Morecambe – Year 5 children attend ‘The Big Lunch’ ahead of ‘The Big Walk’.

The Year 5 children attended the 'Big Lunch' on Wednesday 16th May.  They enjoyed a fantastic buffet and met lots of people who were about to undertake the 'Big Walk'.

The ‘Big Walk’ comes to Morecambe – Year 5 children attend ‘The Big Lunch’ ahead of ‘The Big Walk’.2018-05-23T10:02:05+01:00

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