Why do schools have governors?

The law requires each school to have a governing body made up of people who represent many interested parties (including parents, teachers, the local authority and the community) and its task is to oversee the running of the school at a strategic level.

Characteristics of Governing Bodies

Governors are people who have an interest in the role of schools in society and wish to make a positive contribution to their communities. One key task for governing bodies is to promote high standards of educational achievement.

Who are our Governors?

Caton Community Primary School Governing Body Membership 2018- 19


Type of Governor



Local Authority


Mr J Gordon
Associate Headteacher Ms G Bowskill
Parents (4) Mr G Hamilton
Ms E Parsons
Ms Sarah Pennington
To be elected
Staff (1) Mrs S Smith

Co-opted (5)

Mr J Hewitt
Mr R Griffiths
Mr S Clarkson
Mr D Midwinter
Mrs J Lang

For further information about committees, responsibilities and attendance of governors, please view the page ‘Governors’ Attendance and Register of Interests’ 

Contact Info

Caton Community Primary School

Phone: 01524 770104


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