Our curriculum is designed to provide breadth and balance of experience, knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of the national curriculum and beyond. It is carefully structured to ensure progression for each child. We take account of each child’s individual skills and interests and develop these through a curriculum which is planned thematically and is enriched by a wide range of exciting opportunities.

We provide a curriculum which:

  • offers opportunities for child-initiated learning
  • provides opportunities for skills to be developed independently and collaboratively
  • develops perseverance, resilience, independence and curiosity
  • fosters enthusiasm, responsibility and emotional intelligence
  • develops a balance of knowledge, skills and understanding
  • promotes positive attitudes and approaches to learning
  • develops the child’s unique identity in a supportive, personalised environment
  • meets the requirements of the National Curriculum for England
  • enriches each child’s experience at school through visits, visitors and outdoor learning
  • celebrates and promotes individual talents, interests and achievements
  • promotes understanding of diversity and global awareness

We teach reading using the Read Write Inc scheme.

We provide annual workshops for parents with information on how we teach reading, writing and maths.

Further information about the national curriculum can be found here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/national-curriculum-in-england-primary-curriculum

Click on the link below for an overview of this year’s curriculum.

Caton Community Curriculum Cycle A

Class 2 Amazon Adventure Learning Log

Class 1 Castles Learning Log