Resilient learner

  • I know that being me is the best thing ever
  • I know that people should listen to me
  • I know that challenges make me stronger
  • I know it’s ok to show emotions
  • If things go wrong even if I feel bad, I don’t give up
  • I talk to others about how I’m feeling
  • I believe in me

  Creative Thinker

  • I know there are many answers, not just one
  • I can make unusual suggestions as well as those that are more sensible
  • I can let my imagination play with a theory or suggestion
  • I know that making mistakes gives me new ideas
  • I can learn from what went wrong and what went right
  • I am brave enough to follow my own ideas

Reflective Learner

  • I can see and say what I have learnt
  • I know there are many steps to finding things out
  • I don’t give up when things get hard
  • I want to do my best at all times
  • I can say what I found hard
  • I can organise my thoughts
  • I know that I can learn in different ways and choose the right way at the right time
  • I know how to move on
  • I can explain how I got to any point in my learning
  • I know how to get unstuck
  • I can change and adapt my plans

Active Participant

  • I volunteer and choose to get involved
  • I enjoy what I do
  • I have a go
  • I know it is ok to be nervous
  • I know I have to be ‘in it to win it’
  • I take on responsibility
  • I CARE

Independent Enquirer

  • I am open to new possibilities
  • I choose to find out about everything
  • I choose to solve problems
  • I can decide what information is relevant and its value
  • I ask questions
  • I start from what I know

Good at relationships

  • I care about other people
  • I can challenge injustice
  • I tell the truth
  • I can negotiate
  • I can compromise
  • I can self-regulate my behaviour so it has a positive impact on others
  • I can share
  • I can communicate with other people and make myself understood
  • I can listen to other people and value what they say
  • I respect people for who they are
  • I can encourage other people by giving praise
  • I know how to control my body so that I and others are safe
  • I can accept and appreciate others point of view


  • I know how to start
  • I am willing to learn
  • I know when to stop
  • I get lost in my learning
  • I know why I am doing it
  • I can find what I need
  • I know when to ask for help
  • I know how to challenge myself
  • I’m happy to do things on my own
  • I know how I feel and what to do about it
  • I can manage my personal space


  • I know when I need down time and what that is
  • I know when and what to eat and drink to keep my body working properly
  • I do regular exercise
  • I enjoy being indoor and outdoor no matter what the weather
  • I get enough sleep to recharge my body and mind
  • I can keep my body clean and know it’s important
  • I can keep myself safe