Welcome to Oak Class! 

We LOVE learning and have plenty of fun while we do!

During morning sessions we learn Maths, English and Science. Our teacher encourages us to share our ideas and discuss topics and themes we would like to investigate. We follow the National Curriculum and learning is built around our 8 characteristics. We are independent learners and creative thinkers! Even though there are four year groups in one class, our teacher is skilled at planning the learning at the right level for each of us.


Our learning is based around a book or topic and informs all of the written work that we do in class. We use the skills we’ve learnt and are encouraged to experiment with our ideas throughout the curriculum. The whole class complete an extended piece of writing each week, which is independent and consolidates our prior learning. We practise spellings, grammar and punctuation matched to our age expectations.


Reading is taught through individual, group and whole-class strategies. There is a specific, timetabled session each day for the teaching of reading skills. Our teacher, teaches us in groups, as part of a rota. Other groups will be involved in pre-reading, comprehension, spelling and grammar activities. If required, some children will continue to receive one to one teaching, IDL or spelling programs.


We follow the National Curriculum, using a variety of practical and online resources to promote deep understanding and number sense. Once a topic has been taught activities will be given to encourage investigation, reasoning and problem solving. We have resource baskets containing: Numicon, Cuisienaire, number lines, Base 10 and multi link cubes to support progression from concrete to pictorial to abstract at each stage. We are expected to know our times tables thoroughly and daily speed challenges start every maths lesson.

Education City

We use this multi-skills, multi-subject programme in school and at home. It is a fun and visual learning experience which is tailored to the needs of each child. All children in Oak Class have a homework and class work folder on the programme. Science, Maths, English, Reading, ICT and French can all be accessed and we can practise a particular topic at home.


In school we follow the Val Sabin scheme of work for PE and have opportunities to be taught by visiting coaches. Children in Oaks, have the opportunity to play for school teams and represent the school at inter-school competitions.


Across school, children collect credits (acorns) that fill a jar in class. Once filled, the class vote to choose a reward. Rewards have included films, class parties, extra PE coaching sessions and quizzes. The collection of acorns also contribute to Golden Time on a Friday afternoon.

Home Learning

Children will be given homework once a week which will either be online or written. On some occasions they will be asked to complete a project. They are given Reading Passports for each term with activities linked to reading, to complete at home. By completing activities, they are able to earn a gold, silver or bronze certificate. Daily reading continues to be a priority but by this point we expect children to be fluent, independent readers who chose books to stimulate their love of fiction, poetry and factual information. We expect parents to support this by sharing their reading and developing comprehension.