In Class 1, we laugh, learn and have a lot of fun with our friends.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, learning through play and developing the Effective Characteristics of Learning. In Key stage 1 we follow the National Curriculum.


We learn phonics following Read Write Inc. All the children are placed in ability groups across the school.



We develop our writing skills in all areas of learning. This could be writing in the role play areas using whiteboards and pens or writing outside on the patio using chalk.

Key stage 1 

We develop our writing skills through practical activities that help us to develop a good stamina for writing. We are given weekly targets to help develop our composition, spelling and grammar.


Reading is taught via whole-class, small group and individual teaching strategies and is supported through practice at home, using a variety of reading schemes such as Oxford Reading Tree, Collins and Read Write Inc. Every child is listened to read daily.



We develop our number sense by exploring numbers all around us, singing number songs and finding out the story of each number to 10 and beyond. We use practical equipment like Numicon, to show we understand how numbers work together. Whether we are playing with sand, water or are outdoors, there are always opportunities to learn mathematically.

By the time we become Key stage 1, we will be able to read simple texts for pleasure or information, write plans for what we want to do, tell stories and use numbers to count, calculate, measure and tell the time.

Key Stage 1

We investigate numbers, shapes and measures through practical activities and problem solving questions. Once we are secure on our knowledge we begin to record our answers in different ways.


On Tuesday the whole school goes swimming to Capernwray Hall. For this we need our swimming costumes or trunks, a towel and if required, a pair of goggles. We have PE on a Thursday afternoon and for the Autumn Term we are learning dance with Motion Dance. We need our school shorts and t-shirt and pumps as we do this in the Sports Hall.