PE Spending Budget (2015-2016)

We were given a budget of £8,184 at the start of the year and the current balance is £5, 825 (21/12/2016)

Ordered Equipment/ Payments

  • Football club for 23 children during the Summer term (2016) for 14 weeks at a cost of £40 per hour. This was run as an after school club.
  • Transition Day for Year 2,3,4 at Borwick Hall (18 children, June 2016). The funds were used for outdoor learning for the children to experience different sports.
  • £500 was given to Nick Pidcock SSCO programme to run six tournaments throughout the year and some training. These tournaments are an opportunity for every child to attend a tournament in the school against schools of similar size. Again this year we have paid Nick £750 for the same contract and some training for staff.
  • Transportation costs – The cost of transporting the children to and from all of the six competitions which included multi skills, tag rugby, football, athletics, tennis, high 5’s.
  • Val Sabin scheme of work to help in teaching good quality PE. The two classes are using the different schemes for Dance, Gymnastics, Games (R Year 6) £629.
  • Swimming lessons for the whole school for a total of 30 weeks at £2 per session per pupil.
  • Tag Ruby Club for 16 children in Key stage 2 for 6 weeks and booked again for 4 weeks later in the year before the tournaments.
  • Trampoline Trip at Energi – the children all enjoyed a trip to Energi where they learnt about keeping fit and healthy in a fun way. £7.95 per child whole school trip.

Further possibilities for the sports hall

  • Some after school clubs for the children to attend although we are limited as to the nights these are able to run due to the hiring of the sports hall.

Future plans

  • Archery Day followed by an after school club booked for Wednesday 1st March for the whole school.
  • Another sporting experience for the whole school in the summer term doing different sporting activities that cannot be provided at school.

Swimming sessions for the whole school at one of the smaller swimming pools that are able to cater for all our children’s needs. Possibly in the Summer term but it depends on closures of local pools.